Too many certanties

So, scream!
Let both your angry and the jumpiness
from too many
silences rise.
Take out the nested tangle
in your belly, without love and

How many things you should say,
how many fists you’d like to satisfy
by striking granite walls, so hard to
let pain tame you.

You haven’t been able to understand
the grey sky, again.
You have lost auburn leaves
while falling down, again.
It has been keeping on because of certainties
have been dashing against you too fast.

Let’s rock this bus, as you are holding
it by supporting stilts, stop hiding
that fresh summer breeze and the
kindle winter snow blanket inside of you
from others’ passing eyes.

Embrace and smile, leave and
share…always take from others
what you have to give.
Caress the sea in front of you.

Be not a man, not an island,
it’s so hard listening to others’ skin,
it is wonderful knowing how to.

A deal between the lips of two approaching
could create an
overflowing river with
no embankment containing it.
An unattainable and frozen peak
would be made an achievable goal by
tightening a
friendly hand facing you.

You think but you are not.
Not enough. Scream
through the dazzling dark,
search for help against
your desire of fighting alone.
Do not accept submissively
too early predicted mistakes.
The cloud reflection on a window
could give emotions to a flat soul.
They will get visible while passing
through horizon carpet, so
let the sky hear your cry.
Maybe it will answer to you.
Maybe it will listen to.


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